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Director of Search of Florida is a digital advertising, internet marketing and social media agency founded with one basic principle in mind:

"Provide businesses with the most effective internet marketing possible, within budget"

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Recognizing there are a lot of businesses who just do not have the on-line experience but needed the internet marketing assets to advertise, Director of Search embraced them and helped them grow and to understand how to incorporate internet marketing and the use of social media into their business models..

We augment and consult with small to medium agencies and currently seeking new agency relationships. Specializing in fast inexpensive asset prototyping, split testing and social media deployment. We maintain a large universe of application service providers and ISP relationships for emarketing efforts.

Director of Search offers an in-house server farm of dedicated machines (24*7 support help desk) for custom marketing applications while delivering quality websites to end users. We have .net and PHP developers on staff 24 * 7 supporting a number of white label CRM solutions.

We audit, manage and monitor PPC models including Social Media efforts with a full range of SEO SEM services complete with analytics as well as the development and implementation of on-line internet marketing plans including but not limited to full SWOT analysis. 

Founder, Robert Henslee, opened the agency in 2007 with just one client. Having a lot of time on his hands after the crash of the dot com industry and the downfall of the economy, Robert was able to provide high quality marketing services to clients and in a few months he was able to get 1 more and then 1 more and so on. Robert gave new meaning to “slow and steady.”  Today He keeps the core values of what the company was started with and emphasize that each client needs to be treated as if they are the only one ensuring that they all receive the same level of internet advertising and social media marketing services.

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TEL: USA +(01) 561.283.1571