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Old marketing/sloting methodologies do NOT work in this new social media space. The market has changed. Do you have a social strategy ? If you don't, then you business can't relate. It's no longer business as usual. Search is slipping to social media.

You want growth you say?

Nielson/NetRatings has issued a study showing that the top 10 social networking sites saw traffic grow 47% over the last year, with MySpace seeing the biggest growth (367% increase) and MSN Spaces (286%) seeing the biggest growth.

Online video giant YouTube has revealed its global viewing figures for the first time, claiming that daily page views exceed one billion. The company took the decision to reveal its true scale on the third anniversary of its $1.65 billion acquisition by Google.

The monthly page view tally of 30 billion surpasses previous quantative measurements of YouTube’s reach. A total of 10 billion page views a month in the US had been calculated by comScore but this is the first time the company has revealed internal, global figures.

“I'm proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube,” said Chad Hurley, CEO and co-founder, YouTube.

“Three years after the acquisition, our platform and our business continue to grow and evolve. We are still committed to the same principles that informed the site early on, but we know things have changed. As bandwidth has increased, so has our video quality. As we’ve started to see demand for longer, full-length content, we’ve brought more shows and movies to the site,” added Hurley.

Want to make a splash with your online video? Then you belong on YouTube. There really is no other choice.

Look at the most recent stats. YouTube/Google served up 42% of all videos viewed in July, while no other site cracked 4%, according to Comscore. YouTube is the undisputed leader in online video – by more than 10x. Sure, people watch video on a wide variety of sites, but in July more than three quarters of them did it at YouTube. That’s true reach. And since the typical viewer watched more than eight hours of online video in July, that translates into audiences bigger than the Super bowl, every month, on the internet

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