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Why you need a "Digital Marketing Director" anyway ?

Did you know that 41% of new retail growth is Internet related and traditional marketing has flat lined ? In today's competitive global marketplace, operating without a strategically implemented  internet marketing plan is more detrimental than having an unlisted corporate office phone.

Businesses operating without such a plan are losing thousands of dollars every day because CEO's and marketing CMO's often lack the  technical expertise, information, understanding or time necessary to look clearly and strategically at the factors affecting the growth and long-term development of the virtual sector of their  businesses. The demands of the moment -- ordering, paying bills, selling, putting out fires and  managing people  take precedence over visionary, long term planning.  As a result, all that gets done on a day-to-day basis is what is absolutely necessary to function.

It takes careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the current marketplace in order to develop a internet business strategy that will ensure marketplace dominance. Today's most successful businesses must employ a well researched, creative and dynamic Internet marketing plan.

Internet marketing fulfills a vital function in today's marketplace. Business must  be in touch with the ever changing needs of their customer base and they must virulently maintain a well informed understanding of their  competition. These factors, and others, should be identified in a well-prepared marketing plan.

A good plan will outline how a business can attract and retain on-line customers, how it will compete against its on-line competitors. It should include market research, an analysis of the target customer groups, competition, budget, and on-line advertising campaigns while clearly stating the budget needed to attain positive results.

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